Help Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe – Cyclone Idai

Hey guys, this is a really short note.

For those of you who’ve been following the news, have family in Malawi, Mozambique or Zimbabwe, or you’re in the area, I’m sure you’ve heard about Cyclone Idai which has massacred it’s way through these countries, affecting millions, completely destroying homes and killing about a thousand individuals. It’s a terrifying situation, and yet I’m certain that the countries will rise again… However, in the meanwhile, they do need help.

I’m listing donation websites below that I’ve heard are reliable from various sources. If you haven’t donated yet or you’d like, I urge you to consider helping out. A small amount can go a long way, believe me.

There is a Go Fund Me fundraiser assisting with those in need in Mozambique. I’d heard about this through a school friend of mine, and I’d like to spread more awareness about this. (Although from what I read, I believe the woman in charge is in Mozambique at the moment).

Here’s another link from PBS News Hour, with a full and reliable list of organizations working to assist with those in need across the countries affected.

If I hear about anything else, I’ll add another link to this list. I’ve already shared the link from PBS News Hour on Facebook and Instagram, but thought it was worthwhile to mention it again, and have a page dedicated to a list of donation websites and more information.