Adam Joan – An Attempt at a Dark Family Drama

Adam Joan could have been made into a much better movie, although if you have the patience for a long film, it is watchable given the brilliant cinematography and adept acting capabilities by the cast. 

I had the opportunity to watch Adam Joan earlier this week. After having read various mixed reviews about this one, and given Prithviraj’s running streak, I thought he may have scored a hatrick with Adam Joan.

Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. Read on to find out about my thoughts on this movie! No spoilers, don’t worry. 🙂

Storyline: 2.5/5

Adam Joan is an attempt at a dark family drama combined with a thriller concept. The story begins really well, and the audience is immediately drawn into the film; the first credits leaving us in anticipation of how the plot line could unfold. Sadly enough, the movie prolongs itself after the introduction of Prithviraj, who plays the protagonist as a confident young man known as Adam Joan himself. The first half has an unnecessary flashback with a cheesy romance, although the second half of the story is better in terms of plotting the course of the movie. Having said this, it is still too lengthy (especially towards the end) and you find yourself waiting for the movie to finish off, with the understanding that there is a fairly predictable ending. I also found that there are several links with Prithviraj’s movie “Ezra” which had released earlier this year, particularly in the thriller aspects.

Casting: 4/5

Given the talented casting, it is no surprise to see that despite the poor storyline, the acting capacity of the cast have stood up to the mark. Whether it’s Prithviraj, Bhavana, Rahul Madhav, Lena, or even Narayan (a surprise to see his face after a while), they’ve done true justice to their role. Given that the storyline does have a few twists, the revelations of certain traits have been portrayed well. Bhavana has a serious characteristic and plays the role and Prithviraj’s sister-in-law known as Shweta, and the other female character who has done well is Lena, who plays the role of Daisy as Shweta’s friend. The female character playing opposite to Prithviraj is one weak character in the movie however.

Background score: 3/5

I personally found the background score to be on the weaker side. Although it does keep you focused in significant scenes, there are some moments when one would feel it’s over-dramatising the movie. Even a couple of the songs could have been cut out of the movie for purpose of keeping to the storyline, although Prithviraj’s song is quite a nice listen.

Arikil Ini Njaan Varaam

Cinematography: 4/5

Shot predominantly in Edinburgh, Scotland, the movie’s cinematographic elements have been executed in a fantastic manner! Particularly with regards to the thriller aspects of the movie, some scenes leave you shaken and there is no doubt that this goes to the director and cinematographer. Definitely a positive aspect of Adam Joan!

Final rating: 3/5

Although Adam Joan is a watchable movie, a concern of mine is the clean U certificate that was provided for the movie. There were definitely some scenes that I would have found inappropriate to children. So parents, if you’re planning to take your kids to the movie, do note that some scenes are fairly haunting in a psychological aspect.

Have you guys watched the movie? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments section – I’d be happy to hear your opinion. 🙂