An Honest Review of #Tiyaan

~ An exceptionally crafted film, Tiyaan is a brilliant watch courtesy of its background music, cinematography and acting skills by Indrajith, Prithviraj and Murali Gopi. ~

The much hyped movie Tiyaan is finally out! After its censorship issues, the release date had been pushed to the 7th of July – and the reviews have been pouring. Since its first promo release earlier in the year, naturally the suspense had been building for the much awaited movie. After having thoroughly enjoyed it, here are my thoughts on Tiyaan, in its challenges and strong points in watching this movie – so that you yourself can decide whether or not you want to watch it.


1. Running time: 2 hours and 50 minutes

Although expected and already suggested in the running time, you do find that sitting in concentration for this movie is quite a task – especially when you are awaiting for the next scene in high anticipation. If you don’t stay focused either, you can find that your attention will start to drift and then you won’t be able to enjoy the movie. Having agreed to this though, there are very few scenes that are considered unnecessary or emotional – beyond what is apt – that makes one feel like the movie should be made shorter. Tiyaan is not a dragging movie despite its length, and if you can truly remain in concentration and go with the expectation of the same you won’t notice the time go by.

2. Storyline

Tiyaan focuses on a highly controversial theme surrounding the ideas of caste and religion, and is deeply intellectual as well as thought-provoking. For those who are expecting action-filled scenes, this is not the movie for you. Its filled with drama, politics and realism unlike any other that is faced within the society today, and truly attempts well at this debate between this idea of divinity and superiority in a totally different manner. Additionally, given the intensity of this movie, one truly has to sit and put attention throughout the movie in order to be able to understand in its greatest form. There is no entire plot line in which the movie moves forward, and there is no ending or beginning either – it is just the way it is.

Strong Points

1. Indrajith, Prithviraj, and Murali Gopi

It comes as no surprise to see Prithviraj continue to flourish in his acting capacity within Tiyaan in both a flashback phase as well as present-day. His depth of voice, screen presence and handsomeness (can’t help but say this) is truly gripping to watch. This is particular to his dialogue delivery – if he’s on-screen, your eyes will just be on him, waiting for him to play out his role to perfection as well as he does in Tiyaan. Playing the role of not a saint nor a villain, one cannot tell whether he truly is of a character that is a role model though – which perhaps is the debate that the movie winds around.

Murali Gopi plays a negative role, and is equally striking in his personality, with several scenes that can give you goosebumps. Tiyaan is also scripted by Murali Gopi, and has the dialogues and scenes just truly enriching to the movie. The language is heavy (refer to point one about focus) and rotates artfully through both Malayalam and Hindi, with very impressive dialogues. Hats off to Murali Gopi on the excellent screenplay!

And Indrajith? Hopefully this will be the movie that individuals will be able to recognise his acting capabilities as he completely stole the show. As a truly underrated actor – you will find that there are more than several scenes that have you sitting on the edge of your seat, and your heart is on a rollercoaster of emotions as you watch Indrajith in play.

2. Exceptional background music

It’s generally understood that with brilliant background music comes Gopi Sundar, and he continues to shine in Tiyaan, from the sort of music that is really able to make alterations to your mood as you watch the movie. It’s the sort of music that can truly give you a sense of anticipation of what could happen next, but just at the right moments. Thankfully there are no unnecessary songs either.

3. Classy Cinematography

In recent years the Mollywood Industry has seen vast enhancements as the years have progressed in the cinematography of our Malayalam movies. Tiyaan has taken this to an extra level in the same elements. There is this one scene where there is a reflection of fire in Indrajith’s eyes, and it is truly haunting. Similar to that, are so many scenes that are just so exceptional, that for this alone, you could really watch the movie (if you enjoy photographic factors in a movie).

My final call on the movie? Tiyaan is not everyone’s slice of red velvet cake – you may or may not enjoy it. Understand that it is an extremely heavy and intense film and quite a debate too that to be considered – and if you go with that expectation, enjoy the movie. 🙂 Take a look at the trailer too if you’re curious about #Tiyaan!

Final rating: 4.5/5