Finally! #TakeOff – A First-Class Flick

“A heart-wrenching and riveting watch, Take Off is a movie not to be missed, with full credit given to Parvathy as she proves once again her brilliant capability as an actress.”

   I walked out of the theatre feeling mind-blown.

The movie reviews that have been out for Take Off have been phenomenal – particularly during its release time. I seem to have little luck with the movies that I have a tendency to desire to watch, as it tends to be over a month after the movie has released given my residing locations during these times. So it was only today that I had the opportunity to watch this fussed over movie. 🙂

 Cinematography – 5/5

   Take Off describes the real-life horrors of those nurses from Kerala who faced the Iraq civil war in July 2014. The cinematography of this is so to the tee; that no detail; not a single take has been shot badly. From the physically shattered individuals, to the demonstrations of the bombings, and the visual effects and locations – more than appealing its so realistic, that your eyes are truly glued to the screen. Mahesh Narayan, the director, along with his team have clearly made a mark with the picturization showcased in their movie.

Casting – 5/5

   The main casting in this movie involves Parvathy, Kunchako Boban, Fahadh Faasil, and Asif Ali. Playing the role of a divorced Muslim working woman, Sameera (Parvathy) is illustrated as a headstrong woman, with her loyalties rooting deeply in her familial ties, be it her husband Shaheed (Kunchako Boban) or her son Ibru (Erin Zachariah).

It seems that when Parvathy takes on a role, she just becomes that person – that’s the proficient capability of her acting.

   I didn’t see her as ‘Parvathy’ in this movie; she was Sameera, the woman who kept her resilience throughout this traumatic period, with Kunchako Boban acting convincingly as Parvathy’s doting husband and dedicated nurse. Furthermore, having not seen Fahadh Faasil on screen in a while, it was an interesting revelation to note that his acting as Manoj Abraham, the Indian Ambassador of the Iraq embassy is  persuasive and impressive. Asif Ali and Eric Zachariah finally add on the side elements of the movie in their short roles which have been accomplished pleasingly so.

Background Score – 5/5

   After having extensively watched Malayalam movies, it comes as no surprise to me that Gopi Sundar is the background score artist. From bombshells at pin drop silences (which personally made me jump) to heart-pounding background music throughout the movie,  Gopi Sundar has excelled in his work for this movie once again.

Plot/Storyline – 5/5

   In this time period where we see war on the news channel on a daily basis, we get a real insight into what the horrors of bloodshed and civil war are like in Take Off. It starts off with a bit of a flashback, from Sameera’s previous life before her family, and the hardships she encounters in keeping to her values. In fact, its actually post-interval that the depictions of warfare begin – and given that the pictorial representations are that realistic and the acting truly at a high standard, the plot flows easily from one scene to the next, right till the end of the movie. One dialogue that particularly hit the heart for me is stated by Sameera to Manoj, is when she says words along the lines of how she prays each and every time there is a dying patient in front of her. Gave me goosebumps. Can anyone assist with what the actual dialogue was – if you’ve seen the movie? For my own curiosity.

Final rating – 5/5

   Need I even say I was hooked throughout the movie? Whoever’s watched the movie already, I’m sure you will agree – this movie is a tear-jerker. A must watch! Stay tuned for my next blog too – when I watch Saira Banu. Meanwhile, you can see the trailer for Take Off below. 🙂