Jomonte Suviseshangal – A Predictable Yet Charming Film

“Jomonte Suviseshengal falls along the genre of a typical family movie, wherein Dulquar Salman possesses such magnetism and screen presence that courtesy of him and the talented Mukesh, the movie survives.”

   After the much awaited cinema strike has been sorted out, Malayalam movies are finally beginning to release – thank goodness! The first one to release in this span of time is Jomonte Suviseshangal. Being a fan of Dulquar Salman, I was naturally curious and eagerly waiting for the movie, and so after having seen it, here are my thoughts.

Cinematography & Storyline – 3/5

   Sathyan Anthikad’s style of shooting this movie is classic in its story, with the first half keeping you dissolving into laughing on and off, until an unexpected turn of events leaves you at the interval with a mere mild interest – the interval discussions bring along an understanding of the foreseeable continuation of the movie. Although not boring, the second half of the movie falls quite short of its first half, with far too much sentimentality and family drama that not only ends in an unsurprising manner but does sadly keep you looking at the time.

Casting – 3.5/5

   Dulquar is altogether adorable in his acting, and plays the role of Jomon; a sweet-talking heartthrob amongst the girls in the city of Thrissur, with his father Vincent – the character performed very pleasingly by Mukesh – who is constantly preaching him on the hardship of life. Despite the patronising portrayal, its been highlighted that the Father and Son have a close bonding throughout the movie. Other side characters are involved as the  rest of Vincent’s family, with the viewer considering that perhaps to focus on the story the movie could have cut short on the amount of characters. The two heroines are Anupama Parameshwaran and Aishwarya Rajesh, wherein the latter female character has been provided with a larger and more interesting role as opposed to Parameshwaran. Yet their simplicity in their roles is noteworthy and it was a pleasure to see fresh female faces in the movie who’s acting came across effortlessly.

Music & Background Score – 3/5

   Vidyasagar is the music director for the same and has done a fairly decent job I believe, given the genre of the movie. The song teasers and the audio jukebox had released early on in December allowed for some insight into this prior to the release of the movie. Background score was simple and pleasing enough, although doing some portions of the second half one may feel that the intensity with the family drama is unnecessary. On the other hand, I personally can appreciate two songs from the movie; ‘Nokki Nokki‘ and ‘Neelakasham‘, with the second song interestingly on repeat in my head at the moment (after having seen the movie).

Final rating – 3/5

A time-pass watch

   Tried to not give away too many spoilers. Curious to see it? My personal suggestion is that this is worth seeing one-time, particularly for the amusing first half of the movie and for the splendid performance by Dulquar and Mukesh. Take a look at the teaser below for more insight. 🙂