#Pulimurugan – THE All-Time Entertainer!

“An unexpected and thrilling action-packed entertainer, Pulimurugan has you sitting on the edge of your seat in excitement and even provides some laughter. An absolute must-watch; even for non-Lalettan fans.” 

As always, no spoilers.

   When I initially planned to go for Pulimurugan, it had to do with a bit of both of my interest in Malayalam movies and obviously to curb the curiosity about the hype about this movie, because believe me, the hype for this has been unbelievable! Pulimurugan released on 7th October 2016, and in the week that followed its release the reviews that came out intrigued me and the theatres were packed with Lalettan’s fans. It is filled without doubt that if you’re a Lalettan supporter, you’ll go crazy for the movie – and yet even if you’re not, it really is an enjoyable watch!

 Cinematography – 5/5

   An absolute kudos to the director, Vyshak, and cinematographer, Shaji Kumar for this movie! From the beginning till the end I was stunned by the beauty that was shown in this film, from the use of light to the unexpected angles that scenes were shot, to the ways that the stunts were portrayed – it was all brilliant! Research has provided me with further enlightenment on the fact that Pulimurugan was shot in Hanoi, Vietnam, which explains the absolutely gorgeous setting. But beyond that as well are the introduction scenes of the characters – and especially the tiger! You know when he’s going to come, you just don’t know from where, and the entry scene of that is beyond spectacular. Trust me, you will be sitting on the edge of your seat for this movie, especially for the fight scenes. Plus, I should point out that the limited  bloodshed that was demonstrated was something I could really appreciate, because it only added more value to the movie to make it even more entertaining.

Casting – 4/5

   Of course it is known that Mohanlal truly does provide an amazing watch for viewers when it comes to  his acting capabilities, and proves with these fantastic movies as to why he is the legendary actor that he is renown for. This is in fact only further highlighted in the movie, and as I said before for Oppam, his each and every expression is flawless. I have no words to further comment beyond that on Mohanlal’s acting skills. Furthermore, it was a pleasure to see old and familiar faces including Lal, Suraj Venjaramoodu, and Siddique, who equally played well in their roles – particularly Lal who’s comedy really brought in some laughter to this entertaining movie. Additionally, there is a villainous role in this who is not shown in the trailer much, so as to not give out any spoilers my comments fall similarly on the notes of acting; this villain really does play an exceptional and strong personality for such a movie. Finally, I was a little skeptical of the female role portrayed opposite to Mohanlal, as she seemed to unfortunately only have one expression throughout during the movie; in which case casting could have been made better (also noting that there were several unnecessary characters in the movie).

Music/Background Score – 5/5

   Gopi Sundar is the background score composer for Pulimurugan (and when I saw this, I thought, of course). The title track is immensely popular and comes frequently in throughout the movie, definitely building up the hype. The crowd would go crazy with cheers and claps for the title track, and of course the intro scene for Mohanlal (Lalettan fans be like – “How can we not?!”).  In action movies such as this one, and thrillers such as Oppam and Kali, the background score truly does play a huge part in bringing the audience closer to the movie. Without commenting on the plagiarism accusations towards Sundar for Pulimurugan (alongside others), my final note would be that the music composition is exceptional and really adds extra brownie points for the movie.

Plot/Storyline – 3.5/5

   Its understood that when it comes to action films you can’t always expect to have a great storyline or plot line, and yet this one does move along slowly with the development of the character alongside the relationships that build and fade. Perhaps there was an added sentimentality of family which I felt could have been unnecessary given the theme of the movie. If that were the case the movie could have also been cut short easily by about 20 minutes, however you can still sit to watch the movie and get a kick out of it.

Final rating – 4.5/5

   If you want to watch this movie, I urge you to watch it in the theatre – not online, not on DVD (maybe if you want to watch it again in a couple months) and especially not on your phone! It just wouldn’t have the same effect. If you are going to watch this then its truly worth it in the big screens with the background score pounding in your ears (and your heart). So if you haven’t seen it already, get your ticket now! #Pulimurugan really is THE All-Time Entertainer. And I should point out I’m not a die-hard Mohanlal fan, and yet I do say this. 🙂 Take a look at the trailer if you’re still unsure. And if you have already seen the movie, then what did you think of it?

Also, if you’re in Dunedin and want to watch it, check out the link here for further details. 🙂

Note: Apologies for the long review, I tried making this short but it seems that there was just too much for me to say about the movie.