Oppam – A Heart-Pounding Thriller

The much anticipated Oppam was a hair-raising watch that truly gets you holding your breath in anticipation.  

   No spoilers.

   What is it about murder-thriller movies that have amazing background score? Add Mohanlal’s exceptional acting and you’ve got yourself a gripping watch. There’s no doubt in my mind that if anyone else had played his role the movie would simply not have the same effect. Oppam is a movie that I had purposefully gone and watched with low expectations, and aside from a few reservations, it was worth the watch and the movie is quite the riveting one (If your heart can take it). Do take a look at the trailer for the movie if you’ve got the curiosity to watch it (link below) – but be warned, as I said similarly to Kali which released earlier this year, the movie Oppam is definitely not for the faint-hearted. 🙂

Cinematography 4/5

    Taking into consideration purely the photography aspect and the fundamental of it within recent Malayalam movies, it would be sufficient to say that the movie has some real beautiful elements of cinematography throughout the movie. I believe that this is now the norm and expectation by the movie watchers though, so its pleasing to see that this  genre of the movie has kept and perhaps exceeded the standard with its photography.

Casting – 3.5/5

   It’s clear that Mohanlal steals the show in the movie, although I suppose that this is expected as well to a large extent. Although I am not a die-hard Mohanlal fan, I am well aware of his highly capable acting skills, and that is unquestionably repeated in Oppam. Hence given that I am not the die-hard fan, and I really enjoyed it, I believe that if you are the true-spirited fan for Mohanlal, you will adore this movie. Each and every expression of his is absolutely flawless and effortless. However, Mohanlal is truly the plus point of the movie. It was also refreshing to see Mamukkoya back in this movie after a long time, although there was a definite possibility to avoid several other characters in order to make this an even better movie. There is a villainous character in the movie (not a spoiler, this is hinted at in the trailer) and I had my doubts about him, however this has been debated on amongst many.

Music/Background Score – 4.5/5

   Background score is a popular way of grabbing the audience’s attention without them even realising it. Oppam’s background score is taken over by Ron Yohaan and he has created a spellbinding effect in an exceptional manner of the same. Throughout the movie upto the moment I got back home my heart was still pounding from the aftershocks of Oppam, courtesy of this background score. Nonetheless, I would also like to add that perhaps there wasn’t the necessity of the songs in the movies, as it simply added to the length and didn’t have too much relevance to the movie.

Plot/Storyline – 4/5

   I believe that there was a concern that the typical Priyadarshan and Mohanlal combination may release a predictable movie, which to my understanding led to almost no hype for the movie. When I’d seen the trailer I was curious to see more of the movie, although since Drishyam I hadn’t seen any of Mohanlal’s movies and thus wasn’t too sure if it would be impressive. Its clear from the trailer that Mohanlal plays a blind person, and there is the element of a close relationship with a young girl. Its also understood that there is an unfortunate incident that occurs and the storyline develops from there. I won’t say further on this though.

   Post-release the movie has become a big hit, and I can see why. Although it should be noted that the movie begins with a fairly slow start, post-interval Oppam truly becomes engrossing. I only once looked at my watch (out of apprehension more than anything else) and on that note perhaps the movie could have been cut short slightly, however I have had more than several debates /(arguments) with my brother the die-hard Mohanlal fan. 🙂 Beyond this aspect of timing though, the actual storyline is very intense and can be termed under the genre of a thriller for sure.

Final rating – 4/5

   There is now considerably a large hype to the movie given its release and its earnings. My suggestion would definitely still be to proceed with low expectations, else there is the danger of not enjoying the movie to its full extent. Be prepared for songs, a large number of characters and several violent scenes. Also, on a final note, its after the interval that the movie really becomes riveting for the audience.

   So hey! If you’re in Dunedin by any chance and want to watch Oppam, click here for further details on that. There’s even subtitles for the non-malayalis. 🙂