Pretham – A Moderately Different Movie

“If you watch a scary movie together, then the scariness is cut in half!” ~ Hidekaz Himaruya

   Pretham. In English, this means ghost. The name itself was a warning for me, given my extremely low ability to tolerate horror movies. Nonetheless, I had been told that this movie was a horror-comedy of sorts, and that seemed to hold true for most of the movie. Despite this low tolerance of mine, my love for Malayalam movies and given there are few movies that do release in Dunedin, I thought well, why not have a look at this movie? For those of you who are curious consider looking at the trailer, link below.

   Actually, I’ve just finished watching Pretham and been debating on writing up a review for this one. I’ve told myself already that I won’t be writing any negative reviews (hint: if I don’t write a review for a movie and you know I have watched it that should tell you something) because I  don’t want to be putting out negative publicity for a movie. So this isn’t a negative review, although I would start by saying although this isn’t an outstanding movie, there is a definite interesting plot line that adds a unique twist to the movie. Interestingly enough I still have some of the background score playing in my mind. Jayasurya in particular successfully accomplished an interesting character role. I would thus continue by saying that I quite liked the movie, and my goosebumps don’t just come from the ‘horror’ aspect, which honestly is minimal. Given that people still may want to watch this movie, I’m going to try and write this blog post with as little spoilers as possible.

Direction and Cinematography: 3.5/5

   I found that the picturization of Pretham was quite admirable, and even had my friend sitting next to me ask: “Are there really beaches like that in Kerala?” The main shooting takes place on a resort in Cherai near Kochi, and the photography completed for the movie with regards to this is fairly pleasing to the eye. Aside from that and considering the genre of the movie, the cinematography is additionally done in a substantially impressive manner.

Acting – 3/5

   The humorous trio include Aju Varghese, Sharafudeen and Govind Padmasoorya (side note: really handsome actor and wondering if we will be seeing more of him). They play a fairly comedic part as old college friends who buy a resort as a long known dream of theirs, and the story continues from there, and their experiences and encounters from this investment. Jayasurya takes the serious role of a ‘mentalist’, and has clearly played this part extremely well in my opinion, with  an apt level of seriousness. Thankfully the movie has few characters within the actual movie which makes it easy to follow.

Plot: The Positive Aspect – 4/5

    This was possibly what I most liked about the movie. However it would be difficult to describe what I liked about it without giving too much away. The plot line of Pretham goes beyond the concept of a ‘ghost’ purely coming to haunt a particular place, which is your standard stereotype. The role of the mentalist – in this scenario Jayasurya – is quite vital as he attempts to find out the reasoning for why this ghost is not leaving the resort. Various other factors are adapted into the movie including the common problems that females have faced when in Kerala. Noting this, there is a fairly humorous aspect to the movie which is able to bring some laughter within the audience.

Background score – 3/5

   Thankfully the movie doesn’t have any unnecessary songs aside from one in the beginning, and focuses more on the plot line and the development of the same. Furthermore, there are some heart-pounding moments as a courtesy of the background score, although sometimes I did believe that it was a tad too dramatic.

    I would probably end this movie review with a note that individuals would probably enjoy this movie as long as you proceed with low expectations. During the movie I never once felt like looking at my watch and found my curiosity raised about where the movie was going, particularly after the interval and Jayasurya’s introduction.

Final rating: 3.5/5

   Consider this short 2 hours and 15 minute watch with an unusual twist to the movie, as I would recommend this as a one-time-watch.

Pretham Trailer

If you’ve seen the movie what did you think then? As always, on the topic of movies I’m always up for a debate. 🙂