A Sneak Peak into the Mollywood Industry

“Film as dream, film as music. No art passes our conscience in the way film does, and goes directly to our feelings, deep down into the dark rooms of our souls.” ~ Ingmar Bergman   

Disclaimer: The views suggested below are possibly biased and does not desire to step on anyone’s toes, neither to offend any fans or fan clubs.

   August 3rd 2016. It was a chilly night in Dunedin, hanging out with my friends. I happened to bring along the DVD of Bangalore Days for my non-keralite friends to take a look at, as everyone had wanted a new movie to watch. Fast forward to three hours later; they loved the movie and were raving about it, with the songs stuck in their head and the laughter from the movie imprinted for their memories. Bangalore Days – the original Malayalam movie (which has been remade into Tamil as well earlier this year) is a brilliant all-time watch, and one of the many favourites of mine.

   One of my passions is my love for Malayalam movies. Anyone who doesn’t know this basic fact about me doesn’t know me well enough. In my first few months in New Zealand I remember being on the phone with my Mum and her laughter at my craze as I’d kept searching throughout the internet to find out how the Malayalam movies were released within the small city that I stay in. Luckily for me, I was able to find one of the few entertainment companies (such as SR Entertainment) that handles the movie releases. Despite Dunedin only having a one-off show, I’ve had the good fortune of at least not missing out completely on the good movies that have released.

   It should be noted that its only recently that I have had a development of this fascination  (or fanaticism) for Malayalam movies. Recently means amongst the past couple of years, not more than that to be honest. My entire family – immediate and extended! – used to find it such a disappointment that I was not like them in the manner that I had no desire to watch Malayalam movies – I was more than content to pass out on them in my teenage years. However 4 years ago, courtesy to a very talented actor known as Nivin Pauly, and an equally talented director, Vineeth Sreenivasan – Thattatin Marayathu changed my views and turned me into the fanatic of Malayalam movies I am today. I recall that I saw Thattatin Marayathu and Usthaad Hotel (within a week of each other) in 2012 and my dislike for movies took a screeching U-turn as I traveled to the dark side. And now I can’t even consider going back. 🙂

   In that same year Usthaad Hotel was released, and another young actor came to the screen. Dulquar Salman. Both him and Nivin Pauly are currently the heartthrob of many young girls today (myself included). Aside from their oh-so good looks is their recognised talent. I am aware that there are many fans of other stars who would beg to differ, however I believe that both of these actors have talent so various and fresh that has brought a vivid and much needed change to the Mollywood industry. Of course, actors alone have not done this. Directors, scriptwriters, music directors, – the supporting cast that bring a smile to your face! Or cause dread in the pit of your stomach (these being the  actors who take up villainous roles). It is definitely understood that there is a large contribution to the change in the Mollywood industry over the past couple of years.

   The reason I’m talking about all this? Just because you don’t understand Malayalam movies doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pick up the next DVD or go and watch that new Malayalam movie. Not all of them are good or great, but do keep an eye out for the reviews and thus pick and choose wisely! A suggested movie from earlier this year which I have watched and reviewed is Kali – albeit very different, yet also very thought-provoking.

   There are a definite number of Malayalam movies out there that are well worth your time. The number of non-keralite friends who I have taken (not dragged by the way, but willingly taken) are numerous and they have thoroughly enjoyed the movies in which I have taken them for. Examples include Ohm Shanti Oshaana and Premam. It should be noted that I don’t just watch Nivin Pauly movies, it just happened to be the movies I took my non-keralite friends to. For example, Prithviraj is another equally competent actor who has many movies that have really grasped the attention of society.

   Finally, I will end this rant on about my favourite topic (so much so I feel an adrenaline rush as I write on this!). I fear my list of suggested movies to watch will be too long, yet here are my top five picks from the past several years which could provide a vivid and diverse watch for your eyes*:

   *Please be noted that I’ve tried to pick a varied choice of movies and not just the most popular and commercial movies.

   As for me? The year of 2016 holds many hopes for the movies set out to release, and I am looking forward to watching them! There are some which I have not yet seen and hence I’m waiting out for the DVDs to be sent to me in order for me to be able to do that. I’m sure this topic will spark a lot of discussion about the industry and the players in them – feel free to let me know these thoughts in the comments section below, I’m always up for a debate. 🙂 Also, let me know your favourite Mollywood Actor or Actress and your all time favourite Malayalam movie!

   I had been in Perth about a month ago and featured it on my travel section! Have you checked out that blog post yet? If not, the link is below! Let me know your thoughts. 🙂