Finally! #KALI – A Must Watch.

“If I could – I would watch this movie again. Kali was an entertainer, a heart-racing tale, and a romantic thriller indeed, one that simply spun beyond my expectations.”

   This movie review is so late.

   Don’t worry, for those who are yet to watch it –  like me from a couple hours ago – no spoilers. If you haven’t seen it yet – why not?!  Movie’s been out for a month! My excuse is that I’m stuck in New Zealand painfully waiting for the release of Malayalam movies. For those of you who haven’t yet watched the movie and want to – I urge you to just go book that ticket to see Kali and watch it. It is just brilliant and mind-blowing – a real thriller indeed! My hands are shaking as I write this review of the movie, because I am just replaying each and every scene of the whole movie in my head.

   As I sit here re-listening to the background score of Kali on youtube, I can feel my heart racing from the enjoyment I had received from watching the movie. I don’t even know where to start about the movie – all that I know is that I can see why some people who I’d spoken to about the movie had told me they didn’t appreciate it, and why some people truly did enjoy it. I walked in purposely with low expectations, so I could get as much as I could out of the movie, and there was no doubt about it – the movie was a worthwhile watch.

Direction and Cinematography : 4.5/5

   The movie is a radical change to the Malayalam industry. I’ve not seen one like it before at all. Hats off to Sameer Thahir! You’ve brought a very well-needed change to the Mollywood industry. The photography is also to be appreciated in the movie, with certain scenes particularly, as if you’re a character in the movie itself.

Acting: 4.5/5

   Every actor who has taken part in the movie has done brilliantly – right from the leading pair to the side roles. You really feel a chill to the bones as you watch the characters interplay their roles, right until the credits hit the screens. Particularly to the main couple – Dulquar Salman and Sai Pallavi – hats off to them for their mind-blowing acting! Dulquar’s every expression was just simply the meaning behind the Malayalam word “Kali” – as “Rage”; because he just tuned in with his character perfectly. Sai Pallavi’s acting was also superb – she’s a miracle to the Malayalam industry, with my only disappointment slightly towards her Malayalam dubbing. But beyond that, her expressions, her confidence and her poise, all attributed to her adept acting. The way she effortlessly accomplished her  role – she was Anjali, and Dulquar was Siddharth! There was no doubt about it.

Background score: 4/5

   Given that I began this entry talking about re-listening to the background score, I’m sure it comes as no surprise that the music is truly brilliant. For this I have added links at the bottom of the page. Gopi Sundar has done a brilliant job with this for the movie! Its heart pounding and exhilarating. (Although I just read that apparently this was copied from a foreign movie, which brings slight disappointment to me – but regardless, really good background score).

Chemistry: 5/5

   I know that this is a rare subcategory to put in for movie reviews; but I just have to admit that I found the leading pair’s chemistry so endearing! The songs and scenes in which they highlight their lovely moments together are truly heartwarming. These two in their charming moments will be the new standard for all couples out there. 🙂

Costumes: 4/5

   Although there isn’t much time to notice the relevance of the costume design in the movie, one would say that the simplicity of it has been aptly placed for the relevant characters in the movie. I say there’s no time because you’d be too busy watching how the film pans out and trying to not let your heart tire itself in its race. You also don’t see any overdressing for the movie, which makes it all the more real and natural – and that has to be appreciated.

Plot/Storyline: 4/5

  This is where I promise to give no spoilers. My suggestion would be to go with low expectations, and expect the unexpected. The way that the movie unravels itself is truly remarkable, keeping you at the edge of your seat until the very end. There are some moments in which you hold your breath in agony for the movie to just continue. Also, I should point out that I never once looked at my watch. A surprisingly short film, captured in just 2 hours, which is rare for the Malayalam industry.

Final rating: 4.5/5

   I for one, totally loved the movie, and this rating is trying to be a critical one – because I honestly don’t believe I can find fault within the movie.

   Be prepared for a heart-racing watch!

Disclaimer: This movie is not for the faint hearted.


P.s. Whilst you’re here, please feel free to check out my previous post. Also, do let me know your thoughts too if you have seen the movie or you are yet to see it – how are you feeling about #Kali?

Chillu Ranthal – Song 1

Vaarthinkalee – Song 2